Step 1 – Why You Should Become A Farmer ?

Why you should become a farmer ?

What do pigs, bees, corn, grains, fruit, cotton, tobacco, fich, chickens, livestock, dairy products and trees have in common ? They all come from farms. Without these dedicated and hard-working farmers, we wouldn’t have any of this.

Starting a small farm business involves a lot of hard work, it takes huge amount of responsibility and is not an easy task, however, we will help you to know why you should opt for the farming business !

Indeed, it is your motivation to create a farm business that will have a direct impact on your strategy.

Is it a for-profit business? A hobby? An altruistic contribution to society and/or animal welfare? Out of respect for the environment?

You will need to answer these questions as honestly as possible in order to know which direction to go in.

You may find that what you really hope to start is a hobby farm that you can operate as a side business. If this is the case, be aware that the tax implications for recreational farms are quite different from those for commercial operations.

If you are seriously considering starting a farm, you will need to do some administrative work and have time for planning and management to turn your dream into reality.

“There is a difference between difficult and impossible”

Still wondering what the reasons are for starting a small farm business ?  Stop think and read this article !

Become a farmer

How much do farmers earn ?

Agriculture is better paid than the national average, has better retention and satisfaction rates, and is more likely to offer you benefits such as company cars, housing and cell phones.

From 2015 to 2016, the average salary increased by 7%, well above inflation.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Economic Research Service (USDA ERS) has broken down the forecast for net farm cash income in the United States for 2020.

Its reports suggest that a livestock industry farm should earn between $5,900 and $347,000, while a cash crop farm can expect to earn between $68,500 and $192,500.

Clearly, there is a wide range of possible net revenues for a farm operation.

How much you earn as a farmer depends on the types of crops you grow or the products you provide, the region you live in, and a variety of other factors.

Because many crops are seasonal and many animals only breed at certain times of the year, farmers must be strategic in their offerings if they want to maximize their profits.

Benefits of starting a small farm

Because of its advantages, this type of business is thriving among people who are considering having a better life and following their dreams.

Most people think that the benefits of being a farmer are :

  • A farmer has more and better food to eat than have most people who live in cities.
  • He is healthier and lives longer.
  • He is likely to enjoy his work more than most city people do.
  • He is more likely to rear a family and thereby promote the future welfare of the nation.

But don’t forget all of the following advantages that make the farm’s trades so popular.

To escape from dissatisfaction with your current job

A lot of people enter the farm-o-sphere because of their old job.

Perhaps they have been stuck in a joyless 9-5 for the last ten years.

After searching the company’s prison year after year, they realized that they were destined to be part of something bigger. And at some point in those long years, they heard the siren song of agriculture.

Although not all farmers have the opportunity to be outdoors all the time, a number of jobs involve being outdoors most of the time.

It has been proven over and over again that being out in nature is good for health and well-being.

Promotes communities

Small farms create an important link between the food people eat and the land they live on.

Agriculture in its different forms has the potential to solve some of the serious problems facing the world today.

One of them is food stability. More small farmers means more food deserts served, fewer long transport chains and a more democratized food system overall.

It’s easier to enjoy food from the roadside farm next door.

Making food with your own hands also spreads the thought of the benefits of nature for human beings.

By making your own food you can simply satisfy the needs of your community, while improving social ties.

On the other hand, small farms can work together to achieve common goals. So it will be easy to create a community of farmers working together.

Create job opportunities

Agriculture is an industry that poses a significant problem.

It does not have enough staff to meet its needs. It is projected that by 2025 there will be a shortfall of 90,000 vacancies. This means that farm businesses are trying to attract more recruits to fill this gap.

In the U.S., people often start their own small farm business to pursue their dream of a farm and the promise of independence.

Agriculture is one of the few sectors where you don’t need a degree or qualifications in agriculture to get started.

You can change from being unemployed to self-employed by starting your own farm.

Be prepared to grow it into the business you want it to be, if you are currently unemployed.

In doing so, you will also provide jobs for people looking for work.

Indeed, the food and non-food resources produced by farmers regularly require outside labor.

To top it all off, considering benefits and wages, almost all workers in the agricultural sector are ahead of similar positions in other sectors.

That means you are more likely to find a job and be paid more than in any other sector.

Better family life on the farm

Some sociologists say that the farmer tends to have a happier family life than the man in the city.

As a general rule, farming is a family business. Husband, wife and children share the work, each doing what his or her strengths and abilities allow. Through this teamwork, the family is welded into a tight and harmonious unit.

Because they work together and live together, farm families are generally more stable than urban families. According to agricultural enthusiasts, family life and all that it represents seems to be more valued in rural communities than in urban communities, where people don’t normally stay at home as much and where outside distractions make some family members almost strangers to each other.

Improves the health of the land

In the United States, many crops are used to clean up the land.

However, the more diversity there is in plantations the stronger the ecosystem will be.

By growing more plants of different species, you will help the land to become better quality. It even reduces the risk of pests and the number of pesticides to be used.

Moreover, agriculture in its various forms can solve some of the serious problems facing the world today. One of these problems is food stability. More small farmers means more food deserts served, fewer long transport chains and a more democratized food system overall.

Improves your heatlh and health of people

By producing healthy food, you can easily protect people’s lives.

Because of the alarming rate of many illnesses related to poorly grown food. When you decide to start your own farm, not only do you earn money, but you also grow your own food and get healthy, organic farm products that will improve your health and the health of people .

There is no better feeling than growing your own food. You can observe the different stages of growth and finally harvest it.

Most commercially grown food is not as healthy as home-grown agricultural products. Growing your food using organic farming methods greatly reduces health problems in today’s world. You will also save a lot of money.

Farming keeps you up to date and informed

To be successful as a farmer, when you start your own farm, you should always keep up to date with the latest information.

Science is constantly discovering new and better ways of doing things, and farming is no exception. Successful farmers are people who know their onions. You must be the first to know about new innovations and improved techniques.

This requires constant research and even personal experiences that will eventually broaden your knowledge. As in all other sectors, agricultural conferences are organized every year in different parts of the world to discuss innovations and new discoveries.

Ready for the next step to become a farmer ?

If you do it the right way and don’t let criticism make you give up. You will be proud of your success and you will no longer be unemployed waiting for government assistance or struggling in your current job.

There are so many ways to plan for starting a farm. Every farmer’s career path will be a little different, and that’s normal.

That said, the 7 steps we’ve talked about for starting a farm are a great place to start. It’s a solid plan for farmers who are completely new to the business and want to start learning how to run a farm.

Now that you have the information you need to start farming, it’s time to take action. Are you ready to start farming ?


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  1. I think start farming is very important as farming has all what we need, Farming has food, food keeps us healthy,Farming create jobs where people will be able to have money and build themselves a better future. This will only happen if Farmers are working together as partners. Regards, Solomon Solly Mbiko

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