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The state of Farm Business In The U.S.A

USDA has released a new census 2017 that describe the agriculture statistics of the country. It does it every five years. This year the census has both good and bad news. It shows how the farming industry of the country has undergone the transition during these years. Various environmental factors have caused a change in the statistics resulting in the decline in the farming industry for decades. Farmers have seen the loss of arable land that has resulted in a decrease in the food supply. Contrary to this, rapid innovation in the agricultural industry has also seen during the period.

The inclusion of smart technology in the farming industry has not only changed the agriculture work but also the lives of Americans. It has brought changes in food consumption and production habits.

Farm Business In The U.S.A

What the census of 2017 reveals about agriculture?

As per the data, there has been seen an increase in small farms. However, these farms are producing less which contributes to the country. If we talk about the overall number of farms in the country then the numbers are not satisfying. This depicts a contradicting result stating the change in the American farming industry due to changes in technology, farmers, and market prices.

Since 2012, the number of farms in the U.S. has come down by 3.2%. On the other hand, there is only a 1.6% change in the average size of the land. This is only 441 acres changes whereas the total size of the land is 900 million acres. As per the size, 0.1 percent is made from the 273,000 small farms. Contrary to it’s a total of 85,127 large farms make the 58 percent that is around 2000 or more acres of farmland. On the other hand, mid-size farms are not contributing much to the agricultural industry of the country.

The small farms are getting bigger and the majority of the farming industry is controlled by the fewer farmers. But, the country has more than 2M farmers who produce 75 percent for the country.

Who are the farmers?

The concern is about the farmers where the farmer’s average age is 57.5 years. The average age has grown by 1.2 years and this growth has seen since 2012. If we talk about young farmers, then their average age is only 35 years or less. Moreover, there are only 321,261 young farmers in the country who are working in 240,141 farms.

There is also a gender gap in the country. But the good news is that more female farmers are now there than before. 36 percent of them are the producers and among 56 percent of farms, there is a farm lady owner.

The USDA census that was carried out shows the total crop value, size of farms, its types, inventory used into it, producer characteristics and livestock. A comprehensive data or summary is carried out by the USDA that is very important for the country.

Moreover, anyone who wishes to start a small farm business in the country must be within the bracket range of $0 to $ 350,000

Ready for the next step to become a farmer ?

Now that you have the information you need to start farming, it’s time to take action. Are you ready to start farming ?


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